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Emmaline sold

professional Sculpting and Reborn Doll Artist

with over  4 years  Experience.

"I want to wish  everyone a Happy

 Healthy New year!"

Im now Offering a 12 month payment plan


Proudly Presenting

                                                       Emmaline (By Donna Lee)

                             Reborn by Professional Doll Artist ...

                                                        Denise Farmer

                                              Weight.......... 5lb.3.5oz

                                            Date of birth... 7th- Jan-2009

                                              length.................20 inches

                         (Emmaline has 3/4 sculpted arms and  legs)


If your looking  for the ultimate in realism

 look no further..

Could this be the  baby of your dreams??!

Id like to Introduce Gorgeous  newborn  Emmaline,

Emmaline is the Prototype of a soon to  be released vinyl doll kit

By  Renown Doll artist Donna Lee

of Donna Lee Originals

I want to thank Donna for asking me to reborn

the protoype  kit of Emmaline,

her beauty and  sweet innocence will melt your heart 

I cant pass by this little Angels  crib without scooping her up

for  a Kisses and cuddles.


Photographs  really don’t do Emmaline  justice !!

She  really needs to be seen to be believed !  



This precious  Newborn baby  Girl  really is a must have

for the serious doll collector 

She comes with the most   exquisite   layette

The ultimate in realism is what I strive for with every one of my reborns.

I’m always trying to take the realism one step further,

many hours are spent on painting and perfecting the skin tones

and texture,

 I’m not afraid to take close up photographs

believe me what you see is what you get.

as an artist that aspect is very important to me,


I’m confident who ever is lucky enough to become Emmaline's new Mummy

will not be disappointed with her.


Emmaline has  a combination of micro- rooted and painted hair

I Choose  a  beautiful  Dark brown  hair for Emma by Delta Dawn

which ive  micro-rooted  into  her  detailed scalp.

 I used a beautiful top quality mohair

(Only the very best for my babies.)

The hair is so soft and baby fine,

Emma's hair has been directionally rooted,

with a true rooted  crown swirl,

the hair is held secure in her head with waterproof glue .

I’m very proud of my rooting and feel the many hours spent

perfecting the baby's hair is so worth the

extra time and effort  spent.

Emmaline  has a very detailed scalp complete with  veins and

tiny birthmark.

I created Emmaline's life-like skin tone

Using Genesis heat set paints, that will never fade,

I used several  sheer layers of paint

 to build up a skin texture

With true depth and translucency.

painting takes  me several days and every one of my

babies are  painted slightly different


I’ve pulled out all the stops creating this baby,

taking the time to give her  a truly life-like appearance   

Ive  spent a lot of time perfecting the  skin tones,

not stopping until her skin

actually looked as real as I could possibly make it. .

I’ve blushed and highlighted all her baby creases,

And Cute   little wrinkles,

she has subtle capillary veins 

and  realistic  blue veining showing just beneath the  skin

on her head and limbs.she

 has 3 dimensional milk spots on her nose

and a few baby spots,

Ive given a mottled appearance to Emmaline's  life- like limbs .

all adding to her realism and the illusion that what you are seeing and holding in your arms is

a real living breathing  Newborn baby  Girl, 

Emmaline   is so easy to love  she   really pulls at your heart strings,

and brings out your  maternal nurturing instincts.


Emmaline's skin has a plump silky radiance about it,

Not dry or chalky as sometimes can occur

When using the Genesis finishing varnish.

I believe my techniques

help make Emma  look and feel as real as can be,

I work so hard at perfecting the skin tones on my babies

aiming for  a true depth to the skin .

You won’t believe this baby Girl isn’t breathing!!!



Emmaline  has the most Beautiful  eyes in a dark dark blue

fitting with a  Brand New baby

Ive framed her  sweet  eyes with tiny eyelashes


Emmaline 's  eyebrows have been meticulously painted

using various shades of heat set paints

then finished in way that makes them

look 3 Dimensional!!  


Emmaline  has wonderful  detailed limbs

ive given  the skin on her  arms and legs a slight mottling

her  nail beds have been slightly blushed

Then I’ve given them  off white transparent nail tips, 

Which Ive then sealed with a satin varnish for durability  


Emmaline  has a beautiful jointed cloth body

choosen especialy for her

I take the time to carefully weight my babies in all the right places

so they feel wonderful in your arms


ive weighted  her  tummy with soft sqidgy baby fat

and heavy weight  ultra soft fibre fill,

Ive weighted her  little head with glass beads

her  limbs have been realistically weighted

with ultra fine glass granules,

she   feels so wonderful to hold

I love how she seems to  snuggle into you,

when you pick her  up for a hug ,

her  little head  is very  floppy and will need supporting 

Just like a living infant  just hours old.  


Ive Opened  Emmaline's nose

Then shaded the inside to add depth,

ive also backed her nose with dark felt

then added just a touch of subtle sheen

to give the appearance of a natural slight moisture.


Emmaline's  lips have been painted using several

different shades of paint and highlighted

in all the right places,  I never use a flat colour,

I shade until the lips have a soft plump look

which gives the illusion they would be soft to the touch !!


the lips have a the slightest sheen , never over glossed

Ive inserted very strong earth magnets into Emmaline 's head

So she can take a magnetic Pacifier

So much care must be taken.

Around certain electrical items

And people with pacemakers…

(I can remove the magnets if you'd rather not have them.  



Ive created Emmaline as a collector’s item

she is not a toy,

 and therefore not recommended for children


please enjoy even more photographs 

of Emmaline ......................












Baby’s Layette....

  Beautiful  Designer

 *Baby Biscotti.*  Gown

With  tulle overlays and cotton lining,

the lace trim and floral appliques

 are so pretty. 

comes with matching Bonnett 

Gorgeous  All in one  fur trimmed

 pink fleecy coat.... so sweet

Designer Cach Cach 

pink and white candy  two piece outfit

consisting of long sleeved top with

 fluffy bunnyon the front

and matching pull on trousers

with oh so sweet fluffy bunny tail


Long sleeved onesie with logo on front

(not shown)

 white  frilly lacy socks with sweet rosebuds 

  white /pink magenticPacifier/Dummy'.

  White crossover ribbon tie vest

white terry toweling Diaper/Nappy

with  white Nappy pin

pink and white cuddly Girafe 

Cream teddy  bear with ribbon  neck bow

pretty pink organser hair ribbon

   hospital I.D. bracelet with babys birth details

recieving blanket

 (to keep baby warm on her trip home)


  pink ribbon bracelet with  charm

Pampers Diaper/Nappy

   Signed certificate of Authenticity.


I ship babies worldwide,

I have a fixed price for over seas shippping

and have tried to keep the cost as low as i can

often at a loss  to myself, price is for shipping alone

 I do not charge for packing materials.



I  put my heart and soul into reborning this sweet baby Girl

She really was such a joy to reborn,

 if you need any extra  information  about Emmaline

or want to know where you can purchase the Doll kit

 Please dont hesitate to contact me.

We ship worldwide please contact me for more more details.

               We now offer  12 month payment plans


Guilds and Groups im a proud member of..



D.A.D.E. guild has been formed to reunite a small group of doll artists and friends committed

to create reborn dolls and baby sculpts 

 that reflect the highest standard of superb quality.

                                                                The purpose of D.A.D.E. guild is to promote quality and professionalism in the two arts

and to cultivate friendship among the member artists.

        Artists showing D.A.D.E. logo support each other's creations and

offer baby dolls you will treasure for the rest of your life.










                                                   GERBA (Guild of Exceptional Reborn Baby Artistry)

                                         has been created to celebrate and support the talents of Reborn Artists in Europe.

                                        Each of our members has been selected for their outstanding dedication to excellence,

                                  their highly regarded creative innovation and perfection in the art of reborning,

                                                        and their exceptional level of customer care.

                                       Adopting a GERBA Baby will ensure your complete satisfaction

                                                             and a doll of truly heirloom quality












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