One Of A Kind Newborns by professional sculpting /Reborn Doll Artist Denise Farmer
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One Of A Kind Newborns by professional sculpting /Reborn Doll Artist Denise Farmer


Welcome to My website
Of One Of A Kind Newborns .
My OOAK babies are sculpted
from polymer clay,
no moulds are used in the creation of any of my
OOAKs. The babies I make come completely from my imagination and my love of new-born babies.
I strive to make the most lifelike doll I can.
I take many hours sculpting, not stopping until I am completely satisfied with every inch of the baby before I finally bake.
which I feel makes them extra special
as each baby is a one off, as just like real Babies they cant be

In Addition to my OOAK sculptures Im now offering reborn vinyl dolls,these babies are only available through ebay.
I hope you enjoy taking a browse around my site
any information you may need please don't hesitate to contact me

Denise Rogers Farmer

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